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Am I Suitable for Liposuction Treatment? Can Men Do It?

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Liposuction is the process of removing unwanted fat from the body by suction. This aesthetic surgery procedure aims to reduce the fat accumulated in different parts of the body and achieve a more shaped body. Liposuction can provide a more contoured appearance by removing fat cells through surgical intervention.

How is liposuction performed?

In liposuction surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia in small cases and under general anesthesia in larger cases, the areas where the fat will be removed are first determined by making regional markings on the patient. The patient undergoing surgery is given a special liquid to break down some of the fat tissue and to ensure that the procedure passes with as little bleeding and pain as possible. After the surgery, which is usually performed through small 3-4 mm holes, the patient wears a pressurized corset for the first month. However, in addition to the classical application, successful results are obtained in the liposuction process with laser and vaser methods, where the risk of bleeding and pain complaints are much lower.

While the laser application involves burning the fat with light, the vaser burns the fat with ultrasound and sound waves. In both applications, the aim is to accelerate the post-operative healing process. Especially in men, laser and vaser methods give very successful results for liposuction in the abdomen and chest areas.

Who can liposuction be applied to?

Although liposuction can be applied to everyone, the patient needs to be evaluated very well beforehand. It is also important that the patient is informed in the most accurate way about the results to be obtained. As we mentioned at the beginning, it should be known that this surgery is not a weight loss method, but a shaping purpose. For example, patients with loose and very soft subcutaneous tissue in the abdomen or hip area should be told that the necessary tightening will not be achieved with liposuction. Liposuction alone may not be a sufficient method in some other cases. For example, in some overweight patients, there are areas that cannot be touched surgically, such as intra-abdominal fat. While the fat in the belly can be removed (3-4 cm thickness in this area can be reduced to 1 cm), the intra-abdominal fat cannot be touched and therefore there may not be a chance to obtain an ideal flat stomach. For such patients, weight loss is ensured with special dietary recommendations after surgery. As the body begins to reshape, the body’s memory also emerges with weight loss, eliminating some irregularities that may be seen in the patient after surgery. For this reason, we cannot say that an ideal result is obtained with liposuction alone.

Liposuction is also successfully used as an auxiliary method in surgeries for leg and arm lifts in elderly patients. For example, it is possible to perform a facelift at the same time as liposuction for a double chin.

Can weight regain after liposuction?

Yes, it is possible, because not all the fat in the body is eliminated in this procedure. Our biological reality is that the number of fat cells in the body does not change. Only the growth of the cells changes. So as you get fatter, the area covered by fat cells also expands. For this reason, patients should listen to the recommendations of their doctors without ignoring that they may gain weight after the procedure.

Why do men have liposuction?

When we look at recent years, we see that liposuction surgeries have become preferred by men as well as women. Especially in men, the widespread use of the vascular liposuction application called HD and the results seen, directs many men to liposuction surgery for gynecomastia (male breast reduction). Women, on the other hand, mostly resort to this procedure for their waist and hip areas.