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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy in medicine, is a surgical procedure to change the shape of your breast and lift it up.

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Breast Lift and Reasons for Preference

Breast lift surgery will help a woman achieve the breast appearance she has always wanted.

Pregnancy can lead to some unpleasant changes in the breasts. However, breastfeeding, just like childbirth, can cause sagging breasts. The operation, which can be performed with or without implants, will help reverse these changes and give the breasts a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

About Breast Lift

The procedure can vary from person to person, but in general;

Average Length of Stay
Length of Hospitalization
Operation Duration
Recovery Time
7 Days
1 Day
2-4 Hours
General Anesthesia
1-2 Weeks

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By using state of the art devices, we give you the look you dream of.


Breast Lift Techniques

The techniques used in breast lift surgery vary according to the patient's body proportions, the level of sagging to be corrected and the patient's wishes.

The less commonly used crescent lift is an incision along the upper half of the nipple. A crescent-shaped piece of skin is removed along this line and the surrounding skin is reattached to the nipple with sutures. This type of lift is usually performed in combination with breast augmentation surgery in women with low sagging complaints.

For people with mild to moderate breast sagging, the vertical breast augmentation procedure is preferred. A vertical incision is made in the center of the breast. The deep layer of breast tissue is usually sewn together to shape the breast. The nipple is eventually shifted to a higher position. The skin around the nipple and below the center of the breast is closed with sutures.

Circumareolar breast lift surgery begins by reducing the size of the nipples to approximately 2.5 cm in diameter. The excess skin around the nipple is then separated from the outer layer. Once the nipple is in the desired position, extra sutures are placed to close the incision correctly.


In the first few weeks of surgery, the tissue around the areola may shrink and swell. The breasts are taut and very perky. Over time, the skin smooths out and the breasts soften, giving them a pleasant and natural appearance.

Women with mild sagging breasts are strong candidates for the peri-areolar lift technique. This technique involves a circular incision along the edge of the nipple circumference. Breast lift surgery is usually performed in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery, as in the crescent technique. This procedure can also help to reduce the size of the breast circumference. The resulting scar is located at the edge of the breast circumference.

The Inverted T lift is ideal for people with moderate to severe breast sagging. For example, the Inverted T Lift technique is suitable for women who have lost excessive weight after pregnancy and breastfeeding or who experience excessive breast shrinkage.


Surgeons use this technique for patients who have Breast Lift and Breast Reduction surgery together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Circumareolar (Nipple) Lift Technique is the breast lift surgery with the smallest scar. However, your doctor will decide on the most suitable method for you after a detailed examination.

Although pregnancy affects the shape and size of the breast, the date of surgery can be decided according to the extent of pre-pregnancy breast adjustments.

Breast augmentation is performed to improve the appearance of the breast or to enlarge it. Breast lift surgery is performed to bring the breast back to its standard position.
Breast lift and breast augmentation operations are usually performed together.

Breast lift surgery without implants may make the breasts appear slightly smaller, but the position and shape will provide a corrected appearance.

It may vary depending on the technique used, but generally techniques that will not interfere with breastfeeding are preferred. You can get more detailed information while sharing your expectations and questions about the operation with your doctor during the examination.

The crescent-shaped breast lift requires a semicircular incision at the top of the areola (around the nipple). The vertical lift technique may require an incision around the areola and a vertical incision at the base of the breast.