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Eyebrow Lift

Brow lift is one of the methods used to reduce or eliminate the visible effects of aging.

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Eyebrow Lift Operation and Reasons

Since the forehead area is one of the most space-consuming areas of the face, the effects of time and aging make themselves visible in this area.

With aging, the skin on the forehead loses its firmness and begins to pile up towards the eyebrow area. Eyebrows that give a tired expression can even change the facial expression of the person. With the change in expression, the person may look older than he/she is.

About Brow Lift

The procedure can vary from person to person, but in general;

Average Length of Stay
Length of Hospitalization
Operation Duration
Recovery Time
5 Days
1 Day
2-5 Hours
General Anesthesia
5-7 Days

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Eyebrow Lift Techniques

As in all plastic surgery and cosmetic applications, there are many methods in eyebrow lift applications.

The classic brow lift provides effective and long-lasting results despite being the most invasive method. The procedure starts in the area between the ears, removing excess skin and fatty tissue. Muscles can also be adjusted if necessary. The upper and lower parts of the skin are then stretched together and the incision is hidden close to the hairline. The location of the incision and the amount of skin to be removed may vary depending on the patient's condition and the surgeon's preferences.

Among the eyebrow lifting methods, the methods using various chemicals or fillers are the least invasive. Instead of actually lifting the eyebrow, some of these methods are based on stretching the forehead skin and adding materials that will fill and flatten the wrinkles under the wrinkles here, giving the forehead a stretched and lifted appearance to the eyebrows. Thus, a younger appearance is obtained without surgery.


The most popular non-surgical brow lift method is the Botox method. In Botox applications, factors such as healing time and risk of infection are minimized and the application is extremely easy.


Despite its ease of application and other advantages, Botox is one of the least permanent methods. The chemicals in Botox are excreted from the body over time after the application or lose their effects. This means that the results of the application will disappear in a period of 3-6 months.

Endoscopic brow lift surgery is a much less invasive surgical method than the classical method. In this method, instead of cutting pieces of skin, the surgeon accesses the subcutaneous musculature through much smaller incisions. To gain visual access through one of these incisions, endoscopic cameras are used and surgical devices are sent under the skin through the other incisions.


Having gained access under the skin, the surgeon pulls the muscles or muscle groups upwards and uses "slings" or hook-like devices to hold them up and in a taut position. The details of the procedures can vary widely. In some cases, hook-like devices that are fixed to the skull may be used, as well as mesh or net-structured materials that fuse with the bone over time. No matter how much the details change, the main principles of the surgery are the same.


Aesthetic surgery specialists may prefer the endoscopic brow lift method to reduce recovery time and risks. In addition, during the endoscopic brow lift operation, the incisions are usually made above the hairline, that is, between the hairs. Thus, even if there are noticeable scars after surgery, it will be easier to hide them.

Operation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, it is not. Eye shape is not expected to change in a patient who has an uneventful and healthy recovery.

Of course. In this case, Botox or one of the similar methods will be applied. Patients who do not want to have surgery but accept methods that can be applied with small incisions can get more permanent results compared to Botox thanks to the endoscopic eyebrow lift method and these patients can have eyebrow lift without surgery.

Yes. From a medical and technical point of view, they are actually the same, but among the people, whoever suffers from which problem prefers to call the operation by the name of the region. Eyebrows are part of the forehead. The muscles and nerves that shape and manage the eyebrows are also part of the structures in the forehead area. Depending on whether the source of the problem is eyebrows for the patient or wrinkles on the forehead, a few minor details may change in the intervention, but the methods are essentially the same.

Every healthy adult can have a brow lift operation.

No. Regardless of the method used, either local or general anesthesia is applied during the operation. Some pain may be felt after the surgical procedure, but it is possible to manage this pain with painkillers.

Time is the biggest enemy of youth as it is of everything. Therefore, it is not realistic to claim that any plastic surgery operation will always be permanent. However, of course, it is possible to talk about permanence periods that can reach or even exceed decades for each surgery.

The forehead area is one of the areas that are very open and exposed to external factors such as sun, wind, dry air and humidity. The harmful effects of the sun are a known factor, especially because the sun’s rays reduce the elasticity of the skin and cause wrinkles. For this reason, protecting this area from the sun after the eyebrow lift application will contribute to prolonging the permanence of the application.