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Dental treatment with laser has brought a whole new dimension to the dentistry treatments we know. Laser applications, which have been used in medicine for about 60 years, are also successfully used in dentistry.

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Laser Dental Treatment

In dental treatment with laser; dental implant treatment, dental fillings, root canal treatments, cleaning of caries, drying of inflammation at the root tip, gum shaping, all kinds of surgical procedures in the gums and jawbone are performed. Apart from all these, tooth whitening, desensitization of sensitive teeth, aphthae and herpes treatments are performed thanks to laser dental treatment. Laser dental treatment is generally preferred in cases such as pain, pain and fear of the sound of the instrument used in the procedure. This condition called dental phobia disappears thanks to laser dental treatment.

About Laser Dental Treatment

The procedure can vary from person to person, but in general;

Average Length of Stay
Length of Hospitalization
Operation Duration
Recovery Time
1 Hour

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Laser Dental Treatment Techniques

Laser Dental Treatment operation provides solutions to many oral and dental problems in line with your wishes without causing pain.

Laser teeth whitening is a teeth whitening method that uses laser technology to reduce or eliminate stains and discoloration on teeth. A special whitening gel is applied to the teeth and interacts with the laser or LED light to accelerate the whitening process. This method helps to achieve faster and more effective results, but its suitability should be determined by a dentist. Temporary side effects such as sensitivity may occur.

Laser tooth filling is a technique used in dentistry. In this method, the decayed or damaged area in the tooth is filled with a special filling material and hardened using a laser. Laser dental filling is a less invasive and more comfortable option compared to traditional filling methods. The use of a laser allows the filling process to be completed quickly and helps the filling material to better adapt to the tooth. With this method, dental filling helps to preserve the natural appearance of the tooth by achieving more durable and aesthetic results.

Laser gum treatment is a method used in the treatment of gum diseases. In this treatment, laser technology is used to treat the gums and surrounding tissues. The laser light helps to reduce the bacteria that cause gum disease and relieve inflammation. In addition, laser gum treatment can also be used to shape the gums, reduce bleeding and clean infected tissues. This method is a less painful, less invasive and faster treatment option compared to traditional treatment methods. Laser gum treatment is used as an effective method for maintaining gum health and preventing the progression of gum diseases.

Laser tooth resurfacing is a method used in dentistry for aesthetic purposes. In this method, irregularities on the surface of the teeth, small fractures or tooth-shaped defects are corrected using laser technology. Laser tooth resurfacing is less invasive and faster than traditional methods. The precise use of the laser allows the desired aesthetic corrections to be made without damaging the natural structure of the teeth. With this method, it is aimed to achieve a smooth and aesthetic appearance of the teeth and a more beautiful smile. Laser tooth resurfacing offers a more comfortable experience for patients and is a popular option for aesthetic dental treatments.

Operation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

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Laser dental treatment is usually a painless procedure. However, some sensitive areas or people who are sensitive to the treatment may experience mild discomfort. Therefore, local anesthesia may be applied for the patient’s comfort.

Yes, laser dental treatment is safe. Laser technology is specially designed to treat teeth and gums without damaging them.

Laser dental treatment can vary depending on the problem to be treated and the treatment area. Usually the procedure can take between 15 and 60 minutes.

After laser dental treatment, there is usually a fast and uneventful healing process. However, some patients may experience temporary sensitivity or mild swelling. It is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations to speed up the healing process.

Laser dental treatment is suitable for various dental problems such as gum diseases, dental fillings, teeth whitening, tooth resurfacing, root canal treatment.

Laser dental treatment is generally less painful than traditional methods and is considered by patients to be a more comfortable experience.