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Although this type of procedure is considered a surgical method, it is the last preferred treatment method, but considering the results of the application, it can be said that it gives very good results by both the patient and his partner.

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Penile Prosthesis

Urological prostheses and penile implants, which are used to eliminate erectile dysfunction in the male reproductive system, play an important role in maintaining the activity of sexual life. Urological prostheses, which are used in erectile dysfunction that may occur due to age, chronic diseases and lifestyle and in cases where other treatment methods do not work, can be easily applied by surgical methods. One of the primary criteria for the use of urological prostheses is that the patient has tried all other known treatment methods and has not achieved results.

About Penile Prosthesis Treatment

The procedure can vary from person to person, but in general;

Average Length of Stay
Length of Hospitalization
Operation Duration
Recovery Time
3 Days
1-3 Days
1-2 Hours
General Anesthesia
2 Weeks

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Penile Prosthesis Treatment Techniques

The most common Penile Prosthesis procedures;

Bendable prostheses are devices with a simple mechanism used in the penis to enter and exit the erectile state. It consists of two rods that are inserted into the penis during the operation. Before sexual activity, the prosthesis is bent to make the penis erect, and after sexual activity, it is straightened and returns to normal.

Two-piece hydraulic prostheses consist of a pump and a special reservoir to achieve an erectile state in the penis. During the operation, the prosthesis inserted into the penis is controlled by a pump placed in the abdomen. Before sexual activity, the pump is used to make the penis erect, and after sexual activity, the prosthesis is emptied and returns to normal.
Three-part hydraulic prostheses are the most advanced penile prostheses. They consist of a pump, a special reservoir and cylinders to achieve a state of erection in the penis. During the operation, the prosthesis inserted into the penis is controlled by a pump inserted into the scrotum. The fluid stored in the reservoir is transported to the cylinders using the pump before sexual activity to make the penis erect, and the fluid returns to the reservoir after sexual activity.

Operation Process

Frequently Asked Questions

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Penile prosthesis is a surgical treatment method used in men with erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction). A device implanted in the penis provides sufficient erection for sexual intercourse.
Penile prosthesis operation usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. The duration may vary depending on the type of prosthesis and the surgeon’s experience.
Penile prosthesis operation is usually performed under general anesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the operation.
No, the use of penile prosthesis does not negatively affect sexual activity, on the contrary, it improves sexual function by solving erectile dysfunction.
The recovery process can vary from person to person, but patients can usually return to their normal activities within a few weeks.
Yes, penile prostheses are permanent. As long as the prosthesis is not removed, it remains permanently in the penis and can be used for sexual activity.